Sunday, February 12, 2006

Moonrise On Ry-oden

Ry-oden is a large planet in a binary star system. Both stars are nearing the end of their lives. But organic life has just begun on Ry-oden. Its relatively late start is due to the easing of its harsh environment. Being in such a close orbit around its stars has meant that life had found it very hard to get a foothold here. But now that it is becoming more temperate many life forms are thriving.

The termite like mounds that you see here were formed by a species that were once subterranean. A few sub-species are now in the early stages of evolving wings.

There’s nothing like making up for lost time, even out there.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Emdura Quo

Emdura Quo is a desert planet once thought to be devoid of life. On closer inspection these unusual rock formations were found to be the shell of a hive. The turtle like creatures that inhabit it rely upon this structure to protect them from the extreme daytime temperatures.

One of the unique qualities that have evolved in these creatures is an eye with a double lens. This feature makes their sight more like a telescope than an eye. The strong magnification of their vision makes it impractical for use in navigating their surroundings so they rely more on touch and smell to get around.

Venturing forth at night to graze upon the sub-surface plants, they never take their eye off the starry sky above. What they are looking for or at are one of those great mysteries that remain unsolved. Some say they are merely keeping an instinctual look out for some ancient flying predator that has long since become extinct. Others say that they are natural cosmologists with a complex culture that centers on their understanding of the stars in their courses.

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Hi, my name is Andromedy Neb and my passion is exploring the Universe with my friends, using a special invention called an NRT (Neutrino Resonance Telescope).
This wonderful device enables us to see anywhere in the cosmos with unprecedented clarity.

My words and images here then will be a journal of sorts, for some of our most interesting an wondrous discoveries.

Visitor’s comments and questions are most welcome.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

My first view

Looking out into the Cosmos with my trusty telescope this was my first view of the Moon.
A lonely and unprotected world and Earths humble servant.